Eucharistic Adoration

It is said that many blessings come from spending time with our Lord.  Here at St. Francis we give our parishioners opportunity to do just that!  Each Monday morning after the 7:00 am morning Mass, our Lord is exposed in the Monstrance until 12:00 noon.  This gives parishioners, and others in the community, the opportunity to be able to come and visit Jesus on a more personal level.  It is a time for quiet prayer and reflection.  Just making that visit with Jesus can bring amazing growth within the spiritual life of the person and from that comes spiritual strength within the parish.

Whether you only spend ten minutes or an hour, each moment is a great treasure.  We welcome all to try this old and ancient devotion which has been around for centuries.

Eucharistic Adoration:

  • Monday Morning Adoration: Mondays immediately following 7:00 am mass until 12:00 noon. In the event of funerals or holidays, Adoration will conclude at 9:00 am.


  • Main Church

Point of Contact:

  • Joe  Clossick at 401-932-8477
  • Sharon Clossick at 401-578-7749

St. Francis Rectory:

  • Phone #: 783-4411

If you wish to become a regular adorer please call point of contact to be placed on the schedule.

To learn more about what Eucharistic Adoration is all about visit links below.