Altar Servers

Altar serving is an important ministry available to boys and girls in the third grade or older who demonstrate a willingness to assist our parish priests in the Celebration of Mass.

Our parish is blessed to have such a wonderful and devoted group of altar servers. Altar Servers observe a regular schedule of assigned Mass duties. If you are interested you may contact our parish priests or Jacy Northup at 935-7620 for St. Francis Church, or Bill Harding at 783-4411 for St. Romuald Chapel.


Our parish conducts Altar Servers training periodically during the year. A summary of the procedure for Mass is detailed in the following link.

Altar Server Training Summary


To Help assist at Mass, here is a quick checklist for you to follow:

Before Mass Begins:

  • Arrive at church 15 minutes early.
  • Sign in for the proper Mass.
  • Put on the alb (and colored scapular if you are a cross-bearer)
  • Light altar candles and processional candles.
  • Quietly wait for Father at the front door of the church.

Entrance Procession:

  • When the opening hymn begins the cross-bearer leads the procession, holding the cross, walking slowly and reverently, down the center aisle.
  • The altar servers follow holding the processional candles chest high.
  • The cross-bearer will step to the sanctuary and stand facing forward near the music cantor.
  • The altar servers will stand to the left behind the cross-bearer. (The priest will come and stand to your right).
  • When the priest reaches the altar, he will genuflect to the tabernacle and the bow to the altar.
  • As the priest proceeds to the sanctuary, the cross-bearer brings the cross into the sacristy and places the cross in its stand.
  • The altar servers will follow the cross-bearer into the sacristy, placing the processional candles on the table leaving them lit.
  • The altar servers and cross-bearer will stand in front of their chairs with their hands folded.

General items to remember during Mass:

  • Be reverent, prayerful and quiet on the altar (except to whisper for assistance from an experienced server).
  • Keep your eyes on the priest.
  • Keep your hands folded in prayer when standing and folded in your lap when sitting.
  • When presenting the water and wine cruets to Father, be sure to hold them with the handles facing outward so that Father can take them easily.
  • Experienced servers, please assist the less- experienced servers on the altar so that they may learn the process correctly.

After Mass:

  • Extinguish altar candles and processional candles.
  • Help distribute parish bulletins.
  • Neatly hang up your alb and scapular where you found them.